Easy, hassle-free, and prudent
asset management with a smartphone

The real estate crowdfunding "property+" allows
real estate investments to be made with a small amount via the Internet.
*Non-resident in Japan is not elligible to register.

for beginner


Real estate crowdfunding is a method through which a company raises capital from a large number of investors to purchase actual real estate and distributes the rental income, as well as profits from sales and other transactions, to investors. "property+" is a real estate crowdfunding service operated by LIVING Corporation.

to have a safe investment


Priority and subordinate structures reduce the risk of capital loss

If a property is sold at a loss, the business operator bears the loss first.


A rent guarantee reduces the risk of decreased dividends

A master lease agreement is entered into as a countermeasure against the risk of vacancy in the properties under management. This guarantees rental income.

*This may not apply in some cases.


Rigorous security protects your data

The personal data we manage is stored in a system designed in accordance with the guidelines set by the Financial Institution Service Corporation (FISC) and the Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP). This system is strictly managed and protected to prevent the data from becoming subject to unauthorized access, loss, destruction, data breaches, and tampering.


Asset protection through segregated management with a trust bank

In order to ensure the safety of investors' uninvested funds, we manage the funds separately with a trust bank.

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